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What You Do?

You can select your framing options either by niche or by cost.


If your photo is in one of the following niche areas:



Graduations or School


Baby or Toddler


Then simply click on the link to take you to our specialist website. Your framing options are then tailored to your needs which simplifies the process.


Alternatively you can choose to frame your photo by cost which ranges from Modern (cheapest) to Luxury (most expensive)



Shabby Chic






Framed Photos

A customised frame is the perfect way to display and protect your treasured images and photographs. Choose from our frame, mount and glazing options.

How to get your photos to us ?

You can upload you photos direct from your smart phone, tablet or desktop or direct from Facebook or Instagram.
We would recommend that your image file size is at least 1MB but we can accept files up to 50MB. The bigger the file size the better the quality of the printed photo. Larger photo sizes will require a greater file size to avoid the image pixelating when enlarged.

Your Options


Choose from Landscape or Portrait


Select your framed photo size


Select your mount colour


Select your frame style


Our Sizes

Size A
250mm x 200mm
Size B
360mm x 297mm
Size C
420mm x 345mm
Size D
480mm x 392mm
Size E
540mm x 442mm




A Landscape Orientation is a photo layout that is wider than it is high.



A Portrait Orientation is a photo layout that is taller than it is wide.


Calligraphy is professional handwriting on your mount. Click below to find out more about our unique calligraphy service


Mount Lining

You can have a gold or silver line inked on the mount a distance of 5mm from the inside of the mount.

Our Frames

Choose from our 50 frame options:

Modern Range

Colours of Polcore Mouldings

Shabby Chic

Colours of Polcore Mouldings from the Padstow Range

Classic Range

6 Frames from the Bevel Range and 4 from Watercolour Range

Luxury Range

Wooden Frames from 5 Ranges - Mayfair, Lunar, La Scala, Tirano, & Monte Carlo

Our Mounts

We offer a choice of 8 different mount colours.
In the luxury range, the mount choices are also available as double mounts.
A double mount is where a second mount of the same colour but slightly smaller size is placed over the first mount.

Our Mount Colours are as follows:

  • Antique White
  • Pure White
  • Ivory Black
  • Powder Blue
  • Pastel Pink
  • Nightshade
  • Sepia

Iframe Online Ltd.

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