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Acid-Free Mount Board

This is mount board manufactured such that active acids are not included or are eliminated so that it has a neutral pH factor of 6.5 to 7.5 at the time of manufacture. The presence of an alkaline buffer will reduce or eliminate damaging effects of these acids for the duration of the buffer’s effectiveness. The most common buffering additive is calcium carbonate. Some acidic materials are chemically neutralized with the addition of alkaline products; other materials are processed to remove the acid. We use acid-free Mount board as standard at Iframe Wedding Photos.

Acid-Free Hinging Tape

We use PH7-70 tape for fixing your photo to the mount board. This is best practice throughout the framing industry.

Bevelled Edge

The inside edge of the mount board window is cut to a 45 degree angle. All of our mount board windows are cut with a bevelled edge. This allows about 1/16″ of the core colour to be visible.


A visual art related to writing. It is the design and execution of lettering with a broad tip instrument, brush, or other writing instruments. A contemporary calligraphic practice can be defined as, “the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious, and skilfull manner”.

Double Mounts

Double mounts consist of two thicknesses of mountboard, each cut with a single aperture. The upper mount’s aperture will be ½” larger in either dimension to show ¼” of the under mount’s colour all round the aperture.


The generic term for the glass or acrylic used to cover and protect a photo in a picture frame. It protects the photo from damaging factors such as temperature changes, moisture, pollutants, and touching. At Iframe wedding photos we offer the choice of 2mm float glass or 2mm non reflecting glass. We never use acrylic as it is industry recognized as being inferior to glass and not the standard of glazing to be used on a top quality luxury product.

Landscape Orientation

A photo layout that is wider than it is high.


The material (either wood or metal or plastic) of the picture frame. Moulding can be very ornate and decorative, or it can be very simple. We only use wooden mouldings at Iframe wedding photos as these are recognized as the best quality available anywhere in the UK.

Mount Lining

The process of inking a gold or silver line on the mount a distance of 5mm from the inside of the mount.

Photo Frame

This is the end product when the moulding is mitred to the relevant size to make a frame. The frame style is chosen to enhance the photo which is being displayed inside.

Photo Frame Size

This refers to the total size of framed photo which includes the photo, mount and frame. Please see the information under the visualiser to see the actual size of the photo that our 5 sizes refer to.

Portrait Orientation

A layout that is taller than it is wide.

D Rings

Screws with a loop at the end. They are used to attach hanging cord to the back of a wooden picture frame. All our pictures have d-rings and cord as standard so they arrive ready to hang on the wall.

Wooden Frames

There is nothing quite like the style and warmth of wooden picture frames for contemporary wedding photos. Our wood frames, spanning the simple and sleek to the typical rustic wood picture frames found in traditional homes around the U.K. will complement any style. Our wood frame mouldings are assembled by a skilled Guild Commended Framers using mitre machines. Wooden frames bring a level of sophistication to any décor.

Our Framing Style

We have 5 ranges of the most luxurious wooden mouldings available anywhere in the UK for you to choose from. Wedding photos require only the best mouldings to compliment the photos from one of the most important days in your life. Obviously it’s difficult to capture the true quality of these mouldings on a monitor or phone screen but the visualiser will provide you with a chance to see what the various ranges and colours will look like alongside your photo, but the true quality of our mouldings has to be seen in real life to be fully appreciated.

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