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Frame My Photo

We are often asked by our customers how do I frame my photo and we have a very simple but structured answer. Is it easy to frame my photo … yes with a little guidance we can show you how to achieve perfect results time and time again. Is there a quick method to enable me to frame a photo and can I frame the photo online …Yes, as quick as one, two, three using our online photo framing website. Why is it beneficial to frame my photo – ahh well there are endless reasons to do this, read on for a comprehensive guide on all these points and more.

Q: Why should I frame my photo?

The answer is for many reasons. Framing creates a finished piece of art and done correctly can add character, style and depth to your photo. It enhances your photo, making it more interesting to the eye by drawing attention to it. Framing also makes a printed photo easier to display and provides a protective casing for it ensuring longevity.

Q: What are the benefits of using you?

We are Guild Commended Framers and have over 50 years experience in this field. We use the very best in technology and our products are top notch. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and have an expert eye in helping to create a masterpiece. We are always happy to provide advice and assistance on any framing requirements you may have.

Q: How do I frame my photo?

You can frame your photo by using our specialist online photo framing website. It’s both quick and easy to use. You simply upload a photo from your phone, tablet or PC or directly from Facebook or Instagram. You then choose your frame – we have four ranges to choose from – modern, shabby chic, classic or luxury. Within all these ranges you will find plenty of ideas on colours and styles in order to customise your very own photo. You then simply decide upon the size of frame you require and then choose a mount and glazing options and you’re good to check out.

Q: What is a mount and why are they important?

Both a mount and frame enhance your finished product and bring focus to the photo you have chosen thus improving the overall look of your creation. Depending on the photo, you may choose to opt for a single mount (no inner border) or a double mount if an inner border is desired. A double mount can help bring out colour in a photo and adds depth to the framed photo.

Q: I want to frame a photo but I’m unsure which photo to choose?

Choose a photo that reflects your personality and taste. Think about where you will place your photo once you have received it as placement of photos in a room can make a big difference to the overall décor. You may want it to reflect a specific colour scheme or even just to brighten a room. Your photo could be a cherished memory or a family event and these should be displayed taking pride of place in your home. There are so many wonderfully captured moments in life and if you cannot decide on one photo maybe have a few framed in order to create a theme!

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